Utah House Passes Resolution to Lower Marijuana's Drug Class

Utah House Passes Resolution to Lower Marijuana's Drug Class

Published on Feb 29, 2016

In a unanimous decision this week, the Utah House of Representatives passed a resolution asking the federal government to reschedule marijuana down from schedule 1, which has prevented the drugs testing for many years. Rescheduling the drug would not make it legal, but would allow for scientific studies to be done to educate us on how exactly cannabis effects the brain. The decision comes after Utah legislators weighed in on two very different medical marijuana bills. While some thought one bill was too restrictive and others thought the other bill was too lenient, everyone agreed that more research should be done to understand how cannabis really effects people. 

“This really should not be our responsibility,” he said. “We have a federal government with a DEA and the FDA. They spend billions of dollars trying to identify what is good and what is not good.”

While debate rages over two medical marijuana bills this legislative session, everyone seems to agree that more research would be beneficial.  Rep. Gage Froerer, R-Huntsville, is co-sponsoring a medical marijuana bill narrowly passed in the Senate that would allow patients with certain illnesses to use plant extracts for treatment. 

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