Man angry about annoying alerts from marijuana dispensary

Man angry about annoying alerts from marijuana dispensary

Published on 1/28/16

The marijuana industry is creating laws as it goes to best suit each area that welcomes the newly legal drug, but sometimes things fall through the cracks that require further legislation to make things right. One Colorado man is seeing the result of a loophole in an advertising bill meant to protect children from marijuana advertising. The law omits recreational pot shops from sending texts as advertisements, but the law does not stop medical marijuana shops from doing so. He says his wifes phone continues to receive marijuana ads despite their attempts at stopping the automated service or calling and removing their number. The real concern derives from his fear that his kids could just as easily have recieved the unsolicited message.

Trying to prevent pot ads from reaching kids, a law was put on the books two years ago banning recreational marijuana shops from using texts to advertise.

“If you use text messaging in a broadcast way to send messages to large numbers of phones its really difficult to be certain that you are not reaching someone who is under 21 years of age,” said Koski.

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