New Approach Missouri Medical Marijuana Initiative is Approved for Circulation

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Published on 1/8/16

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Currently, 23 states and Washington D.C. have valid medical marijuana laws in effect. As of Janurary 6, 2016, Missouri is looking to jump on board with this initiative and put an end to cannabis prohibition. The New Approach Missouri Medical Marijuana initiative has been approved for circulation and will require 160,000 valid signatures to ensure that this measure makes it on the ballot. There is a tremendous amount of support from the people for this initiative and it is time to start putting plans into action.  Hundreds of businesses and other local establishments have agreed to serve as permanent signing locations so be on the look out for this to sign the petition!

Whether you live in Missouri or not, what happens in the Show-Me State reverberates across the nation. If a majority of voters in the Heartland support medical cannabis, we will add more federal officials fighting for sensible cannabis laws in Congress and more states, such as neighboring Arkansas, will soon follow Missouri’s example. Please spread the word and consider donating to this important campaign.”