Anchorage’s first commercial marijuana grow approved by Assembly

Anchorage’s first commercial marijuana grow approved by Assembly

Published on 7/26/16

Alaskans voted to legalize recreational marijuana back in 2014. This Tuesday the Assembly held the state's first public hearing proposing marijuana cultivation facilities and approving the first commercial marijuana grow, Dream Green Farms. Major construction is expected to begin in a vacant warehouse as soon as possible. Dream Green Farms hopes to have it's first products available by December, but will only be able to sell to cultivators and retail stores, not directly to consumers. As of yet, no retail licenses have been approved, but the first will likely be considered this fall. 

In a 10-0 vote, Assembly members approved the local license and permit for Dream Green Farms, at 2939 Porcupine Drive in Mountain View. 

Dream Green Farms co-owner Justin Roland said in an interview before the vote that a lot of work had gone into the application and if the business received municipal approval, major construction on a vacant warehouse would start immediately.

"It's going to be as fast as we possibly can," Roland said.

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