Marijuana opponents abandon plans for pot potency limits in Colorado

Where's Weed

Published on 7/9/16

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An anti-marijuana group has been supporting Initiative 139 in Colorado to set a limit for the maximum amount of THC allowed in cannabis products at 16% potency. Luckily supporters of the marijuana industry were prepared to step in and fund a campaign to fight the initiative. A dramatic change like a 16% THC limit would effect hundreds of dispensaries around Colorado and make tons of concentrate products illegal. Do supporters of Initiative 139 also support banning the sale of any alcohol over 16%? Or do their concerns only stem to non-toxic drugs that you cannot overdose on, like marijuana? The initiative was withdrawn this week.

The Colorado Health Research Council (CHRC), a pro-marijuana group that opposed the measure, claimed the amendment “would have devastating unintended consequences to the citizens and economy of Colorado” if passed, including instantly making illegal the vast majority of products sold within the state.