Conservative Delaware senator all on-board for marijuana legalization

Conservative Delaware senator all on-board for marijuana legalization

Published on 6/23/16

Last month the Delaware House passed a bill that would allow probation before judgement of misdemeanor marijuana possession charges, and this week the bill passed in the Senate. The bill currently awaits the governor's signature who has previously said he will not sign a law legalizing marijuana, but has also state his support for this bill to lower low level pot convictions. If passed, offenders possessing up to 6 ounces of marijuana will be issued probation, and if probationary rules are followed then the the conviction will be dropped. Delaware decriminalized personal amounts of marijuana effective this last December and at this point, it's socially accepted, legally accepted, and politically accepted - it's time to remove the threat.

“We have lowered the penalties to the point where it is relatively arbitrary whether the state actually prosecutes people on this or not, and the reality is we don’t,” said Bonini, adding that he expects marijuana to be legalized nationwide within five years.

“This is basically accepted socially and, quite frankly, politically and legally,” he said. “If that is the case, we should treat it as such.

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