Medical-marijuana businesses in Ohio face obstacles, opportunities

Medical-marijuana businesses in Ohio face obstacles, opportunities

Published on 6/21/16

While marijuana remains federally illegal, businesses in the US cannot legally transport cannabis across state lines, however some businesses have found a way to be a part of the marijuana industry without ever touching the drug. Apeks Supercritical, a company that has been making equipment for the cannabis industry around the country, will be working with the developing medical marijuana program in Ohio. The state's medical marijuana laws will begin on September 8th, and Apeks Supercritical would like to finally get more involved as a cannabis producer. The company's equipment can be used to extract and create oils and wax for vaporizing, as well as lotions and patches, all of which can be accessed by qualifying patients in Ohio.

After five years of quiet but rapid growth making equipment for the marijuana industry in other states, Apeks Supercritical is ready to ramp up business in Ohio.

Based in Johnstown in Licking County, Apeks makes equipment that uses liquid carbon dioxide to extract oils from plant materials. Although the business initially extracted oils from plants such as mint, it now is 95 percent focused on the marijuana industry.

The concentrated marijuana extract is used to make edible products for vaporizing and in lotions and patches, all of which will be legal in Ohio for patients with specific diagnosed illnesses. Apeks has 31 employees and did $12 million in business last year

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