Portlanders could vote on 3% marijuana tax

Portlanders could vote on 3% marijuana tax

Published on 6/20/16

Recreational marijuana tax revenue is a strong selling point when considering the legalization of cannabis, and cities like Portland, Oregon know that even a few small percent could mean millions for a public program. Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, Oregon's recreational marijuana tax becomes 20%, but cities and counties will be able to enact an additional tax of 3% if passed by local voters. Portland City Council is considering putting the additional tax up to a vote in November. Estimates of $3 million in revenue would be used towards drug and alcohol treatment, public safety, and support for small businesses.

Commissioner Amanda Fritz proposed the tax. She says it would raise $3 million per year and the ballot measure would ensure the money doesn’t go into the general fund.

Fritz doesn’t have an exact breakdown of what percentage of money will go to each cause, but says it will change every year based on input from the community during the budget process.

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