Starbuds loses license for Denver marijuana grow in first decision of its kind

Where's Weed

Published on 6/23/16

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For the first time in Denver, Colorado, a marijuana grow license has been denied renewal after neighbors complained of foul odor. Starbuds grows marijuana on the second floor of their recreational dispensary, and although they are able to grow in other locations, the business was granted it's zoning permit in 2013 after stating intent to grow marijuana as well as sell. Renewal hearings are not available for other local growers as they are located on industrial-zoned land, as opposed to Starbud's industrial-mixed use zoning district. The current decision stands that Starbuds must cease growing more new plants and wind down harvesting over the next 30 days, but owners are planning to appeal.

Starbuds disputes the neighbors’ claims about the grow’s impact as well as interpretations of zoning issues made by Fasing and Loucks. That includes whether its zoning permit allowed plant husbandry on site and whether the city grandfathered the cultivation appropriately.

Ruden says he has paperwork ready to show Starbuds disclosed its intent to cultivate marijuana — not just to sell it — when it obtained a zoning use permit for the site in 2013.