Tourists visiting Colorado can now buy a lot more weed than they ever could before

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Published on 6/15/16

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This week the Governor of Colorado has signed the renewal of the state's marijuana regulations, but one part of the bill was adjusted to allow tourists the same buying power as residents. Until yesterday, residents of Colorado could buy up to 1 ounce of marijuana per day, and tourists were limited to 1/4 ounce per day, but the new regulations allow for all adults over 21 to purchase up to an ounce per day. Now the state laws are in line with the state constitution by not descriminating between locals and guests. The change allows for an easier transaction between budtenders and customers with the varying product concentrations.

“A statutory change resulting from the 2016 Legislative Session eliminated the quarter ounce purchase limitation for customers unable to provide identification showing Colorado residency,” MED director Jim Burack wrote in the memo. “Sales transactions to Colorado residents and non-residents are now limited to one ounce. Regulations will be aligned with current statute during the 2016 Rulemaking Process.”