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Alaska signs 5-year contract with marijuana seed-to-sale tracking company

News Posted Mar 10 2016

Franwell, a tech company that has already tracked over 3 million marijuana plants from seed-to-sale in Colorado and Oregon, just signed a 5 year contract with Alaska's marijuana industry to track each individual plant through growth, drying, and curing. Signed on March 7, the contract cost $105,000 and will be used in commercial grows, retailers, testing facilities, and manufacturers. A license to use the system, Metrc, will cost $40 per month, $0.45 per plant, and $0.25 for a package tag.

Franwell’s Metrc system will be used to track Alaska’s commercial marijuana plants. Metrc was designed specifically for Colorado’s marijuana industry; the system has tracked more than 3 million plants, according to the company’s website. Metrc is also being deployed in Oregon’s recreational cannabis industry. 

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