Colorado Introduces First Hemp Seed Approval System in Country

Colorado Introduces First Hemp Seed Approval System in Country

Published on 3/16/16

There has always been misinformation about marijuana, and while making it federally illegal, the plant's non-psychoactive cousin was lumped together with it, crippling the future of a truly diverse plant with many uses. Similar to marijuana, while remaining federally illegal, state's have legalized limited use of the crop and it has recently been approved by the Colorado Seed Growers Association and is now tagged and labeled in the same way other crops like rye and wheat are handled. Hemp seeds will be planted and grown in different parts of Colorado to test for top quality and set standards for the future of the potentially huge industry. 

The National Hemp Association estimated the U.S. hemp industry to be worth $620 million in 2015.

With fibers and compounds that produce biodegradable plastics, concrete, health food, paper, textiles and more, hemp has a largely untapped potential thanks to Uncle Sam. But farmers and manufactures alike view the crop as potentially a big player in the future of Colorado agriculture.

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