Elmwood Park medical marijuana dispensary eyes April opening

Elmwood Park medical marijuana dispensary eyes April opening

Published on 3/21/16

Over 2 years ago Illinois signed their medical marijuana bill into law, and after taking every cautious step, new dispensaries are still working hard to reach opening day. Floramedex, a dispensary in Elmwood Park, has a state inspection next week then hopes to open the first week of April. Dispensary owners are excited to order their first shipment of products and input everything into the states tracking database. Operating under strict state regulation, there are several layers of security involved in buying and selling medical marijuana, and under inspection by local fire and police departments, all parties are at ease and satisfied with the upcoming opening. 

With his dispensary ready to open any week, Boyar is eager to see results from several years of labor.

"I've learned a lot and my partners have learned a lot and we're looking forward to helping people get medicine they didn't have access to before," Boyar said. "Two years later, here we are."

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