Hearing on Marijuana Legalization Set As Bill Moves to House

Where's Weed

Published on 3/29/16

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After a final vote in the Vermont Senate, legislation to recreationally legalize small amounts of marijuana is on it's way to the House floor this week where it will be heavily debated. The bill would allow adults over 21 to purchase under an ounce of marijuana from a dispensary and would enact a tax of 25%. Tax revenue would be reserved for law enforcement and drug treatment programs to help educate young people and curb the amount of harder drugs on the street. Many legislators in Vermont are aware that daily marijuana users make up close to 80,000 in the state and it's time to create proper policy that works for the citizens. 

Pearson believes prohibition isn’t working, so lawmakers should approach pot the same as alcohol and tobacco.   “The data suggests that upwards of 80,000 Vermonters are using cannabis every month.  So we should recognize that reality and by treating it like alcohol, taxing and regulating it, we can do a better job of keeping marijuana out of the hands of young Vermonters.  We can generate a little bit of revenue so we can do a better job of treating opiate addiction.  And really have a policy that closer reflects the reality of how Vermonters treat cannabis in their private lives.”