High Times and Agency Unite to Sell Marijuana to Mainstream

News Posted May 1 2016

Now that marijuana is much more socially acceptable, the 'stoner' vibe no longer applies for the average marijuana smoker. Many different people with many different lifestyles enjoy cannabis for their own reasons, but with the industry still so new, marketing in the marijuana world has yet to go mainstream. A popular marijuana magazine, High Times teamed up recently with advertising agency, Sparks & Honey, to release a paper about the new market for reaching marijuana users called, "Rebranding Marijuana". While many big brands still fear being associated with marijuana, most are just waiting for the acceptable time to jump in and reach a new awaiting market. Some small companies on the otherhand have taken the leap to begin advertising in High Times and other mediums.

Although big brands have been reluctant to target marijuana users, some smaller mainstream brands have shown interest. Two San Francisco-area companies — the tech company Tile and the Lagunitas Brewing Company — have advertised in High Times, for example.

But even supportive companies may be reluctant to publicize their marijuana connection. Tile declined to discuss the issue, saying through a spokeswoman that “the Tile team isn’t prepared to talk about their marketing practices just yet.”

Original article: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/02/business/media/high-times-and-agency-unite-to-sell-marijuana-to-mainstream.html

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