Nunn board members vote to allow the cultivation of marijuana in town limits

Nunn board members vote to allow the cultivation of marijuana in town limits

Published on 5/20/16

Nunn, a town in Colorado that banned any cultivation or recreational sales of marijuana has overturned the bill to pass a new bill that would ban recreational sales, but allow a cultivation facility within town limits. A 22,000 square-foot cannabis greenhouse is planned to be the town's exclusive marijuana grow for at least the next 5 years, the program is considered a trial run. Some locals are concerned about the type of people a marijuana facility will bring in to town, but maybe they fully grasp that no marijuana can be sold within the town or by the cultivator. Even with many biased opinions, the town is too tempted by the potential revenue of a marijuana business in town, some which say could make up to $35,000 monthly for the town at the start. Once legislators see the lack of issues introduced by the facility, they will likely be tempted to open a recreational retailer. 

He said for five years, the company would essentially be a part of the town’s trial run for marijuana cultivation. Officials would observe how the industry operates, how the business works with the state and how well the business actually works in bringing in revenue for the town.

One main reason for voting in favor of marijuana cultivation is to see how much money it will generate. And if everything goes as planned, the total would be a decent chunk of change for the town — roughly $35,000 per month when first starting out, Callaway said.

According to Callaway, the town would receive 5 percent of the value of each plant grown in the facility, based on the negotiations underway with St. NoCo.

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