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World’s First Marijuana Mall Opens In Colorado- But How Do You Get Home?

News Posted May 18 2016

Trinidad, Colorado will soon be home to the world's first Marijuana Mini-Mall. The duo entrepreneurs Sean Sheridan and Chris Elkins plan to bring in 5 dispensaries next to one another on the same street, as zoning laws in Trinidad make it one of the few, if only, places possible. While Sean and Chris hope the shops bring in close to $5 million a year, the real question on everyone's mind is, how are people going to get home? Opponents of marijuana law reform often use driver impairment as a platform to fight widening policy, but advocates are prepared to promote accountability by encouraging smokers to use Uber and Lyft if they feel impaired. 

Entrepreneurs Sean Sheridan and Chris Elkins are preparing to open the World’s First Marijuana Mall in Trinidad, Colorado. They have high expectations for the 5 dispensaries they plan to bring in: “If they’re not doing $5 million a year, then we’re not driving enough traffic,” Sheridan said.

Ride-sharing companies will play an important role in making your next trip to the pot mall even safer & more enjoyable. As part of their “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign, the CDOT even suggests using Uber and Lyft.

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