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Archdiocese gives $850,000 to fight marijuana bid

News Posted Nov 4 2016

The Massachusetts campaign to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana appears to be leading in the polls and has raised a good amount of money to hold a strong campaign, but the opposition just recieved a hefty donation. In a final attempt to even the playing field, Boston's Archdiocese has donated $850,000 towards a losing campaign on the church's behalf. Church officials believe that legalizing marijuana will be harmful to 'the Catholic Church's health and social-service programs.' While the church is using it's patron's hard earned money to do it's bidding, Massachusetts' legalization campaign is alive and thriving with polls showing a 49% voter backing, and national support around 57%. 

This year, Donilon said, the Archdiocese has identified the legalization campaign as a threat to its sprawling umbrella of services — from antihomelessness programs, to food pantries, to parochial schools.

Given the small window between the archdiocese’s financial involvement and the election, and with the airwaves crowded with presidential ads, it remains unclear what impact the investment will have.

The bishops’ contribution represents the largest single donation against marijuana legalization aside from the $1 million check written by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a Dorchester native and conservative political financier. The antilegalization campaign has raised more than $2.6 million, including the archdiocese’s contribution.

YES on 4 has raised $6.6 million so far, according to state campaign finance records.

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