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High enrollment: A university in Philadelphia to offer marijuana policy class

News Posted Oct 5 2016

As more states continue to legalize some forms of marijuana, it seems the drug is here to stay, and with that comes the need for young people educated on marijuana policy, laws and regulations. Several Universities around the U.S. including the University of Denver, University of California-Berkeley, and Temple University in Philadelphia are taking the initiative by offering new marijuana policy classes, helping to pave the way for future journalists and public relations specialists. Temple University will be offering the course for both undergraduate and graduate students. The class will be cancelled if enrollment requirements aren't met, but school officials are predicting it to be a popular course.

Temple University Professor Linn Washington tells The Philadelphia Inquirer he’s partnering with a marijuana reform advocate to teach the Marijuana in the News course next spring.

The class will be available to communications students who could encounter the issue in their professions, including aspiring journalists and public relations specialists

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