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Prehistoric marijuana found in ancient burial site

News Posted Oct 9 2016

It's well known that many ancient cultures buried the dead with their possessions, but a new grave has been uncovered in China's Turpan Basin that housed 13 complete cannabis plants displayed as a shroud over the buried. This is the first time that whole cannabis plants have been found inside a grave or used as a burial covering. This spot in the Turpan Basin was populated by the Subeixi culture 2,000-3,000 years ago, making it an important stop on the Silk Road. Scientists say the discovery is exciting and that the ancient culture likely used the marijuana buds for incense or medicinal purposes.

Archeologist Hongen Jiang and his team discuss the grave in the journal Economic Botany. The scientists proclaim that the discovery is very exciting. While cannabis has been found in ancient graves before, this is the first time that complete plants have been found. Furthermore, this is the first time the plants have been used as a covering for a human burial, called a "shroud.


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