Daily Marijuana Use Linked to Lower BMI

Daily Marijuana Use Linked to Lower BMI

Published on 9/11/16

Marijuana use is often believed to be associated with the munchies, giving the impression that users are more likely to snack and be overweight. Howeverm, a study coming from the University of Miami is showing that daily marijuana users had about a 3% lower Body Mass Index (BMI) than those who do not smoke at all. In the study, 13,000 adults aged 18-26 were tested for BMI and marijuana use, and then tested again 6 years later. The women smokers' BMI tested 3.1% lower than non-smoking women, and the men smokers' BMI tested 2.7% lower than their non-smoking counterparts. Researchers don't have an exact explanation for the lower BMI associated with frequent marijuana use, but reserach suggests that cannabis smokers may break down blood sugar faster, allowing their body to keep extra weight off. 

Researchers found that people in the study who used marijuana daily had about a 3 percent lower BMI (body mass index), on average, than those who did not use marijuana at all.

The researchers said they don't know for sure what mechanism may explain this link. However, previous research has suggested that people who use marijuana regularly may break down blood sugar more quickly, which, in turn, may help to prevent weight gain, the researchers said.

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