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Holland-Style Marijuana Lounges Coming to America

News Posted Sep 16 2016

Similar to the problem of speakeasies during alcohol prohibition, marijuana users are forced into underground unregulated businesses if they want to smoke anywhere outside of their home. Many cities and states have considered allowing cannabis lounges but none have followed through as of yet. Legislators feel the market isn't quite ready, but unfortunately for them the free market persists regardless of legislation. Someone is willing to take the risks, meaning regulations are nowhere to be found. Is the cannabis tested for mold or pesticides, is the labeling accurate, is the bud even legal? When dealing with the underground market, you may never know, which is why legislators must get things moving and allow smokers a public place to socialize that meets professional standards.

Either we offer a legal option for marijuana-friendly lounges, or “smoke-easies” will continue to proliferate in most major cities. Marijuana smoking is a social activity better enjoyed with friends, so the only real question is whether these marijuana-friendly clubs will continue to be clandestine, or whether they will be licensed and regulated and above ground


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