The American Legion Wants Marijuana Reclassified to Help Treat PTSD

The American Legion Wants Marijuana Reclassified to Help Treat PTSD

Published on 9/6/16

The American Legion voted at it's national convention recently to support a resolution telling Congress to reschedule marijuana through legislation. The Legion notes a tremendous amount of war veterans in only two years who have been plagued by PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury, and marijuana's neuroprotective potential as a primary concern for medical research. This may not change much yet for Veterans Affairs doctors being able to prescribe to patients, but it will be one step closer if The American Legion can push the DEA to license private-funded research.

One of the potential medical values of medical marijuana is as a treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). And in what must certainly at this point make it abundantly clear where the majority of Americans stand on marijuana use, the American Legion has just voted at its national convention to support a resolution calling on Congress to legislatively reclassify cannabis and place it in a category that recognizes its potential value.

Therefore, the American Legion wants the DEA to license privately-funded medical marijuana and research facilities and to reclassify marijuana away from being lumped in with drugs like cocaine and meth.

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