7 incredible health benefits of marijuana

7 incredible health benefits of marijuana

Published on 4/19/17

Though proper marijuana research is hard to comeby, there is still plenty of evidence to reinforce the many benefits of cannabis. Recreational and medical marijuana markets are growing at a tremendous rate around the US and even other major countries like Canada could fully legalize the drug soon. Despite only 6% of cannabis research focusing on the benefits of the drug, it's still quite clear that patients with a wide variety of ailments can find relief in using it. For chemo patients, not only can marijuana battle the intense nausea that comes with chemotherapy, but it's the only anti-nausea that actually increases the user's appetite. Cannabis can also be extremely helpful in patients' focus with Alzheimer's and dementia, more effective healing in stroke victims, and even slow the incoming of Parkinson's disease.

For lucid Alzheimer and dementia patients, marijuana can reduce feelings of confusion and agitation. For stroke victims, marijuana can, quite literally, shrink the damage away. Marijuana can reduce tremors and slow the progression of Parkinson's disease.

That's why many researchers, patients and families are advocating for future legislation of the drug. Legalization will not only offer patients increased access to the drug, but it will allow researchers to conduct more research.

According to Business Insider, only 6% of studies on marijuana are focused on the drug's benefits. And since there are so many benefits, the backing of the drug on a federal level is necessary -- whether it's funding for clinical trials, drug development or patient care.

"We've conducted the studies, but I think an ordinary researcher without the support of the state would be hard pressed to do it. It's just a difficult and cumbersome process," said Igor Grant, the director of the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research

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