Nevada bill making all marijuana 'candy' illegal gets pushback

Nevada bill making all marijuana 'candy' illegal gets pushback

Published on 4/8/17

A bill in the Nevada legislature that would ban many forms of logos, colors, and candies in marijuana edibles has been delayed until next week. The goal is to prohibit certain qualities in marijuana edibles that could appeal to children, but many advocates of the industry say this bill takes restrictions too far. More specifically, the bill would make any marijuana product containing sugar illegal, with the exceptoin of baked goods. The bill also bans images of cartoon characters, mascots, balloons, fruit, toys, and even using the primary colors. Some lawmakers want to see all edibiles sold in opaque packaging, but only cookies and brownies are required at the moment. 

Wendy Stolyarov, legislative director for the Libertarian Party in Nevada, said that it was too broad and that the government should not be restricting companies from using characters, colors and the like.

Cindy Brown, a medical marijuana advocate, said that many alcohol and gambling establishments use cartoons and mascots, so why can't marijuana manufacturers?

"Let us have the mascots. What happened to personal responsibility of parents? We keep trying to over-regulate people," she said. "What about children with cancer? We shouldn’t have to give them something yucky looking. Give them something pretty that they like. Really, really you guys."

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