All Oregon Cannabis Must Now Be Tested For Pesticides

All Oregon Cannabis Must Now Be Tested For Pesticides

Published on 8/30/17

In a win for consumers, all cannabis products sold in Oregon from now on must be tested for pesticides to ensure a safe and pure product. The temporary testing policy in place recently expired and now the Oregon Health Authority established a permanent set of regulations. Before the update, testing labs were in a shortage and not enough product was able to be properly tested, but now the number of labs has doubled and will be able to handle the state's cannabis in a timely manner. 

Beginning today, August 30, 2017, every batch of usable marijuana (flower and leaves) must be tested directly for pesticides according to the Oregon Health Authority’s testing rules in order to be compliant. This includes untested product that was collected for sampling prior to August 30.

The Commission recently examined the issue and determined that limited lab capacity issues that existed in October of 2016 have been mitigated. Lab testing capacity has increased to ensure a steady flow of product through the supply chain. Last October, fewer than five labs were accredited to test for pesticides; today there is more than double the capacity. Additionally, the Oregon Health Authority’s most recent testing rules increased by 50% the amount of usable marijuana that can be tested together in a batch

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