Denver starts accepting applications for social pot spots

Denver starts accepting applications for social pot spots

Published on 8/26/17

Last fall a majority of Denver voters said YES to Initiative-300, which allows for the establishment of social cannabis clubs in basically any business that does not sell the plant, so long as the neighbors all sign off on the club. As of last week, Denver businesess can apply through the Denver Excise and Licenses department to become one of the first social cannabis clubs in Denver. Despite the initiatives initial support, the language in the bill establishes these first few years as a pilot program for the clubs, and in 2020 the program will either become permanent or become lost hopes and dreams. 

I-300, in a nutshell, allows just about any kind of business that doesn’t sell marijuana to apply for a cannabis consumption permit under the Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program. If approved, a business owner can set up space for people to use marijuana in their business. The pilot program ends in 2020, at which time it can be extended, become permanent or fade out altogether.

“It’s not easy, but then again, it’s not impossible,” Goolsby said. “Our goal is to balance the intent of I-300, which voters approved, and also respect the desires of  the community.”

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