First medical marijuana dispensary opening in Hawaii

First medical marijuana dispensary opening in Hawaii

Published on 8/9/17

Hawaii was one of the earliest states to adopt a medical marijuana law back in 2000, but during all this time patients had no legal way to purchase medication - until now. This week the first medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii opened it's doors and served a limited number of patients by appointment only. The state legalized medical marijuana dispensaries back in 2015, followed by licensing 8 stores around the islands, and the final setback was overcome once the state certified a laboratory to test the potency and safety of the plants. It's been a long wait, but finally the 18,000 patients in Hawaii are able to easily find reliable and safe cannabis within their communities.

"Clearly this is a historic day not just for Maui but for the state of Hawaii," Freitas Gorman said. "This is the first time in Hawaii that patients will be able to buy lab-tested, quality-assured medical cannabis from a state-licensed dispensary. We're so excited."

Hawaii granted licenses to eight medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the Hawaiian islands last year. Several dispensaries began growing and harvesting the product, but they were unable to sell it because until recently the state had not certified a lab.

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