San Diego medical marijuana product for Mexico

San Diego medical marijuana product for Mexico

Published on 8/21/17

A San Diego based medical marijuana company has been doing business over the last year with Mexico and now finally made their first big sale to the Mexican government. Mexico only allows CBD based cannabis medicine, while California and many other states allow at least small amounts THC combined with CBD. A special product had to be made with no THC for the Mexican governemt to partake in this mutually beneficial deal, thouogh there are talks of lifting the ban on THC medication in mexico. A recent trial in Mexico done by Dr. Saul Garza Morales found a dramatic decrease of 50% of seizures or more by 86% of his patients. 

The government purchase was made by the state of Mexico, located in the country's south-central region, and is earmarked for use by children with refractory epilepsy, in which patients fail to respond to commonly prescribed drugs. A recent trial conducted in the region by Dr. Saul Garza Morales found that 86 percent of patients treated with CBD oil experienced a reduction in epileptic seizures of 50 percent or more over a four-month trial period.

"Things have changed a little bit since we started distributing, and Mexico is going to allow products that contain up to 1 percent THC to be distributed over-the-counter in the near future," says Titus. "From our anecdotal evidence, when patients start to use the full spectrum of the botanicals, with trace amounts of THC and all, we start to see in many cases a slightly better result."

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