Marijuana ‘clubs’ could be coming to Massachusetts

Marijuana ‘clubs’ could be coming to Massachusetts

Published on 12/12/17

When it comes to legal recreational cannabis, it seems like a no-brainer that there should be businesses that allow adults to purchase and consume the plant in a safe setting, but surprisingly there aren't many states that have made it so simple. Any person over 21 can go to a bar in the U.S. to purchase alcohol and drink their fill, but it's been a tough battle for states to get an equivalent for cannabis. Luckily in Massachusetts, who recently legalized recreational cannabis, a state agency approved a policy this month that would allow cannabis clubs to open by next year. The state's recreational marijuana program is set to begin June 2018 and Massachusetts could set the standard for what legal cannabis clubs should be.

Cannabis connoisseurs would be able to legally purchase weed, then smoke it on the premises as if it were alcohol at a bar.

Under current state laws, marijuana use is illegal in public, even though possession is not.

“If you look at the regulation regarding alcohol, there are certainly many places that consumers can go and purchase and consume alcohol [at] any bar, any restaurant,” Jim Borghesani, Massachusetts’ spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project, told the Daily Free Press.

“We really see no reason why cannabis shouldn’t be if not as many … cannabis consumers have that same opportunity to enjoy the substance of their choice in a safe setting.”

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