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Is weed the new black? Marijuana fashion is growing

News Posted Jan 5 2017

Marijuana has become more popular than ever. You see it in the news headlines, magazines, dispensaries, and you've likely seen someone wearing clothes or accessorizing with marijuana logos. The public perception of pot is changing for the better, meaning marijuana's aura will only become more prevalent. Fashion magazines like Vogue and Marie Clarie have taken the initiative to publish some cannabis content, from celebrity quotes to fashion design, and even cannabis beauty products. This year and for many more to come, marijuana is in.

Just this week, The Business of Fashion web site published an article about the luxury opportunities for marijuana: "The opportunities for the luxury industry to capitalise on the legalisation of marijuana go far beyond incorporating a cannabis leaf into apparel designs. The first, most obvious, foray has been into accessories; vapourisers and pipes are now being reimagined through a high-design lens."

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