Alaska marijuana regulators to revisit onsite pot use debate

Alaska marijuana regulators to revisit onsite pot use debate

Published on 7/13/17

After Alaskan legislators ruled against cannabis smoking clubs in the past, they're now reopening the discussion and considering allowing on-site dispensary consumption. Recreational marijuana is legal in Alaska and several other U.S. states, but a common problem among them is a lack of public space or private clubs for smoking. As a result, consumers are forced to smoke inside their homes, and some have resorted to smoking in public areas where it is illegal. Some officials want a moratorium on on-site consumption, while others would like to see an expansion of smoking areas.

Alaska marijuana regulators plan to revive debate over onsite use of marijuana in retail cannabis shops.

But the board later voted to re-open the debate. Proposals are expected to be discussed at a Friday meeting.

One board member has proposed a two-year moratorium on the onsite consumption issue. Other board members have offered proposals that would allow some form of onsite use.

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