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Researchers figured out the amount of marijuana that helps people relax and how much is too much

News Posted Jun 14 2017

As with anything dose dependent, anyone can overdo marijuana consumption, but with the knowledge of proper dosage you don't have to. In a recent study, researchers tested volunteers with a low-dose and high-dose of THC before putting them through a series of tasks, and the findings may be very useful to some! The subjects on a lower dose of THC showed reduced stress in the activites, while the higher dosed subjects instead became more stressed. Interestingly, physical stress indicators like heart rate and blood pressure remained the same between all volunteers, but the low-dose subjects did report being more relaxed than the rest. For some, the proper dose can equate to just a few puffs from a bowl or joint, and a few more can push some passed their preferred dose, but ultimately everyone is different and should find their ideal dose one puff at a time. 

"We found that THC at low doses reduced stress, while higher doses had the opposite effect," Emma Childs, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago and an author of the study, said in a press release.

People on the low dose reported being more relaxed than those on the placebo, and their stress levels dissipated more quickly after the tasks. But people on the high doses paused more in the job interview and reported the tasks to be stressful, challenging, and threatening.

"The doses used in the study produce effects that are equivalent to only a few puffs of a cannabis cigarette," Childs said. In other words, a few hits of a joint or bowl is enough to hit the low dose. And just a few more hits could easily bring THC levels in line with the "high" dose.

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