World's first marijuana gym is in California

World's first marijuana gym is in California

Published on 3/18/17

The world's first cannabis gym is opening in California later this year where gym-goers will be able to bring their own marijuana or order it, and then smoke alongside their workout. While a cannabis enhanced workout is not for everyone, those that enjoy the combination find the drug to relieve pain and improve focus. Opponents are worried about the drug's adverse effects on some people, but the World Anti-Doping Agency says marijuana can reduce anxiety in athletes and even increase performance. Though doctors aren't recommending young adults to use the drug, Dr. Sue Sisley says marijuana is far less toxic than many common prescription drugs and would be pose little risk for adults.

The gym, which advertises itself as the world's first cannabis gym, touts using the drug for pain, focus and meditation.

“For the people that it affects the right way, cannabis can make working out fun,” McAlpine said. “If you make it more fun, people are going to do it more.”

While Sisley said she wouldn't advise adolescent use of cannabis for fitness, she said trying cannabis later in life would pose little risk.

“Bottom line is the plant is very benign,” she said. “It has a very mild side effect profile. It’s far less toxic than many of the prescriptions I write every day.”

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