Autism, sleep apnea added to Minnesota list for medical marijuana

Autism, sleep apnea added to Minnesota list for medical marijuana

Published on 11/29/17

It can be very slow for a state to add new qualifying conditions for medical marijuana due to how difficult it is to get approved to study cannabis. Luckily for Minnesotans a little will go a long way as autism and sleep apnea will officially be added as qualifying conditions next July. Clinical studies researching medical marijuana's effects on autism are in the process now in Israel and New York, but anacdotal evidence goes a long way in convincing people when no other treatments seem to work. One medical marijuana success story in Minnesota involves a severely autistic child who had become a danger to himself and others due to violent outbursts, but after starting cannabis treatments he is now able to attend school again and enjoy a healthy home life.

Minnesotans with autism and obstructive sleep apnea will be able to use medical marijuana starting next July to manage their conditions, the state Health Department announced Thursday.

Research also is finding links between autism and the body's natural endocannabinoid system, he said. The system affects brain, digestive and immune functions and theoretically is stimulated by an infusion of the chemicals in medical cannabis.

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