SF Muni bans marijuana ads on buses, trains, stations and stops

Published on Nov 20, 2017

Regulations are being finalized in California as the new year draws closer and recreational sales will become legal. Advertising is a big part of any business and cannabis businesses will be able to advertise in certain places, but public transport in San Francisco is not on that list. The goal is to keep from advertising to young students who might be traveling to and from school on a public bus. The vote to ban public transport cannabis advertising passed unanimously 6-0. The city's public transport currently has ads featuring medical marijuana, but once those contracts are up no more cannabis companies will be allowed to advertise there. 

As the cannabis industry takes shape in California, one place it won’t be able to advertise is on San Francisco’s public transportation.
The Municipal Transportation Agency’s Board of Directors on Tuesday banned ads for cannabis businesses from the transit system’s buses, trains, cable cars, stations and bus stops. The ban came in response to concerns that such ads are inappropriate for young Muni riders and might promote marijuana use among children.


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