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11% Of Government Employees In D.C. Area Have Bought Legal Marijuana, Survey Suggests

News Posted Oct 11 2017

There are many negative stereotypes associated with cannabis use, but the more marijuana becomes out in the open as an industry the more those stereotypes have begun to disappear. In a recent survey covering parts of Washington D.C., Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia, 11% of government employees surveyed have bought marijuana legally, making a total of all 16.7% of cannabis buyers. While some may find that number surprising, it might be more surprising to find out that 41% of government employees approve of both medical and recreational cannabis. This doesn't qiute reflect what some government positions might think, like Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Nearly 50% of cannabis consumers identify as Independent, much higher than only 27% and 25% who consider themselves more liberal or conservative.

Keith Stroup, legal counsel at the marijuana advocacy group NORML, said that many of the government employees who are in favor of legalization aren't in positions that require drug testing. “Those in charge are anti-marijuana, but that doesn't represent what most people believe in the higher levels of these agencies. Most people at the Department of Justice are frankly embarrassed by Attorney General Sessions.”

“I think it’s clear that the data debunks many of the negative connotations attached to cannabis use – weather for medicinal or recreational use,” said Jeff Stein, Vice President at Consumer Research Around Cannabis. “They are well educated, have good jobs and are on financially sound. Cannabis consumer data like this should be a wake-up call to government officials and companies that have thus far ignored this growing consumer group.


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