Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo kicks off in Phoenix

Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo kicks off in Phoenix

Published on 10/12/17

Phoenix, Arizona hosted the Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo last week as thousands of people met up to learn about the developing medical marijuana industry and see some of the 250 exhibits on display. As the "world's fastest growing industry" there is a lot to learn from rules and regulations, to starting a business, marketing or even growing the plant itself. Education is the number 1 priority for the convention, but not just for medical marijuana patients. Arizona lawmakers were not only invited, but were given free passes in hopes that those who have not given a chance or been exposed would have the best opportunity to learn what it's truly all about. Though many cannabis products were on display and taught about, no products were sold or allowed to leave with visitors. Special speakers included the former President of Mexico Vincent Fox, Cheryl Shuman, and Marvin Washington.

Downing said he is hoping to create an environment where anyone can learn about marijuana and its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. 

Anyone, including Arizona lawmakers. Free passes are available to lawmakers interested in learning more about the industry, Downing said. 

"I would encourage those who want to regulate marijuana in a responsible manner to understand branding, marketing and advertising thoroughly."

The event kicked off on Thursday with a crash course into beginning a career in the marijuana industry and a boot camp for investors curious about opportunities in the "world's fastest-growing industry."

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