1st medical marijuana dispensary in Berkshire County opens

1st medical marijuana dispensary in Berkshire County opens

Published on 9/28/17

The state of Massachusetts voted way back in 2012 to legalize medical marijuana for patients with certain conditions, and while there are a few dispensaries around the state, not everyone has a local shop to find their medication. Luckily for patients in Berkshire County their first medical marijuana shop opened earlier this week and has been helping a steady stream of patients since. The shop is open from 11am-7pm, which is much better for the locals. Before the dispensary opened the nearest medical marijuana shop was an hour and a half drive away. 

Pollock noted that Berkshire County had one of the highest levels of support in the state for legalizing medical marijuana. "It's been a long time coming for folks who voted overwhelmingly for it in 2012 to have a safe access point," he said.

Theory Wellness grows the marijuana and produces its products at a large facility in Bridgewater, which is where it opened its first dispensary. The Great Barrington dispensary is around 2,500 square feet of space in a retail area.

Since opening Wednesday, Pollock said the dispensary has been getting 60 to 70 customers daily.

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