Published on 9/18/17

In a recent study done by the group Consumer Research Around Cannabis, they surveyed over 1,200 locals near denver and found a large number of adults who use cannabis primarily use the drug to sleep (47.2%). Pain relief, anxiety and depression were among the other highest reasons consumers choose cannabis. Even expanding creative outlets was an answer chosen for 32.8% of Denver adults. Those primarily interested in having a good time with family and friends only make up 28.5% of consumers. The study also found that most cannabis consumers live in a household earning higher than $50,000 and believe they'll be better off 6 months from now.

An organization called Consumer Research Around Cannabis recently surveyed more than 1,200 marijuana users in Denver and nearby areas and asked what purpose they had for using. 47.2 percent of respondents said they used cannabis products in order to fall asleep. 47.2 percent also said they used marijuana for pain relief. The third most popular reason for using marijuana was for anxiety or depression, with 45.7 percent of respondents giving that as a reason.

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