Insurer says it shouldn't have to pay for medical marijuana

Insurer says it shouldn't have to pay for medical marijuana

Published on 9/12/17

Healthcare has been a major issue debated on over the last decade, but most people are in agreement that a medication needed by patients should be covered rather than out of pocket, so why would medical marijuana be different? Maines medical marijuana is well underway, and now patients are fighting for their right to healthcare. This week for the first time, Maine's Supreme Court is going to hear whether an employer's insurance should have to reimburse patients for their medical cannabis. After winning a ruling with the board for Worker's Comp. the plaintiff argues that medical cannabis is cheaper and safer than other prescription alternatives. The company argues that a private health insurerer would be violating the federal ban on cannabis.

The Maine supreme court is wading into the issue of medical marijuana and workers' compensation.

The court is hearing arguments Wednesday over whether a paper mill must pay for medical marijuana. It's the first time the court has considered the question of insurance reimbursement for medical marijuana.

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