Law allowing marijuana-derived oil spurs Indiana crackdown

Published on Sep 11, 2017

Back in April Indiana lawmakers passed a limited medical marijuana bill allowing CBD only products for children with severe types of epilepsy, but somehow law enforcement is confused on what exactly is legal. Since the law passed, the State Excise Police have confiscated over 3,000 CBD products from around 60 stores, medication that could have contributed to a day without seizures for young children. Despite the law passing months ago, it seems a bias from law enforcement has caused a rift in an already extremely limited medical marijuana program. The law was put in place to protect parents from persecution for obtaining the CBD medicine to treat their children, however it hardly seems easier to access the medication now. 

Advocates of the law who use CBD products to treat their children's seizures were upset about the confiscations. They hoped the law would allow people with epilepsy use the product without fear of prosecution rather than make it more challenging for those with health issues to obtain CBD oil.

"That's what makes you feel awful. You feel like you worked so hard to try to do something for people," said Brandy Barrett, who has a 10-year-old son with severe epilepsy. "I even heard from a few people that our legislation had messed it up for everybody, and that obviously wasn't our intent."


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