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Majority of New Jersey voters support recreational marijuana use, poll finds

News Posted Sep 15 2017

Quinnopiac University  in New Jersey recently released a new poll covering several topics from legal marijuana to President Trump. New Jersey voters seem to be happy with their medical marijuana program enough for 59% of voters to support the legal possession of small amounts of cannabis for adults. Despite the growing support for recreational cannabis, 55% of voters said even if it were legal they would "definitely not try" it. It seems more adults are educated about cannabis these days as only 12% of voters think marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol. To follow up on New Jersey voter's support, Democrats have proposed a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana for those 21 and up. In addition to supporting marijuana in the poll, New Jersey voters heavily dissapproved of both Gov. Chris Christie and President Trumps jobs in office. 

The poll found that 59 percent of voters are in support of legal possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, though 55 percent said that they would "definitely not try" the substance even if it were legal while nine percent said that they would.

Twelve percent maintained that marijuana poses more of a danger than alcohol while 38 percent believe it is not as dangerous as alcohol and 46 percent of voters reported believing that both were just as dangerous.

Democrats in the New Jersey have already introduced a bill that would make the state the ninth in the nation to legalize small amounts of marijuana to sell to those 21 or older.

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