New Hampshire Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect

New Hampshire Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect

Published on 9/15/17

This year New Hampshire lawmakers passed a bill decriminalizing marijuana and it finally went into effect this week. For the first time in many years adults now caught with up to three-fourths of an ounce of cannabis will be fined $100 instead of a $2,000 fine and up to one year in jail. New Hampshire is now joining 21 other U.S. states choosing to loosen marijuana laws and stop punishing adults with harsh sentences for victimless crimes. Recent polls show that 68% of adults in New Hampshire support full cannabis legalization, and advocates may continue the trend of marijuana law reform and seek out recreational legalization soon. 

“There is no good reason to continue arresting and prosecuting people for marijuana possession,” Matt Simon of the Marijuana Policy Project, which lobbied lawmakers to pass the decriminalization bill, said in a press release.

“New Hampshire lawmakers should continue to follow their constituents’ lead on this issue,” Simon said in the press release. “Every state in New England is either implementing or strongly considering legislation to regulate marijuana for adult use. It is time for the Legislature to develop a realistic marijuana prohibition exit strategy for New Hampshire.”

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