N.J. hits new medical marijuana milestone under Phil Murphy

N.J. hits new medical marijuana milestone under Phil Murphy

Published on 4/30/18

Since moving Chris Christie out of office and bringing in Governor Phil Murphy only a few months ago New Jersey has already seem some major improvements to it's medical marijuana program. In the last few months alone chronic pain and anxiety have been added to the state's qualifying conditions and 4,000 new patients have already signed up which shows a demand for patients who want alternatives to addictive opioid pain killers. Gov. Murphy also cut the price of registering for the state's medical marijuana program in half from $200 to $100. The state currently only has 5 dispensaries to serve it's now 20,000 patients. Legislators are now looking into opening more dispensaries to help keep the supply up with the growing demand. To help let more patients know about the changes in the program the governor's administration is launching a $50,000 promotional campaign.

"We're adding 100 new patients every day," the commissioner said. "This demonstrates that there was pent-up demand. People with chronic pain now have the option of medicinal marijuana instead of opioids, and more than 100 strains are available."

Expect those numbers to continue climbing rapidly, as the Murphy administration launches a $50,000 media campaign to promote the program.

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