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College course to focus – mostly – on more serious side of marijuana

News Posted Aug 1 2018

If you live in Maine and you've ever wanted to take a well-rounded college course on marijuana, you're in luck! The University of Southern Maine will be hosting a class this fall called "Marijuana - Hemp, Hype, Hope and High", but only if it gets enough students to sign up, there are currently only 2 enrolled with a limit of 30. The Professor, Ike Levine, says the class is listed under "Special Topics" and can be hard to find, but the curriculum will likely spark interest from lots of students if they knew it was available. The class will focus on much more in the industry other than growing including the science, history, use and modern legal issues, and the professor says there may even be a field trip involved. USM students hurry up and reserve your spot in this cannabis course soon!

“You can’t do medical (marijuana) or any marijuana research unless you have a special license from the feds,” Levine said. “Being that I don’t have that special license and not wanting to risk all my other grant dollars, let’s just say this: There will be no sampling on campus. There can be field trips. I’ll just leave it at that.”

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