Here's where to get dry leaf marijuana in Pennsylvania - with a prescription, of course

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Published on 8/2/18

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Medical marijuana is evolving in Pennsylvania for the better as more dispensaries are selling dry leaf cannabis. The state's original medical marijuana program prohibited dry flower cannabis and only allowed processed marijuana sold as pills, liquids, or topicals. After an advisory panel researched the pros and cons of adding dry flower for the industry and consumers they recommended to the Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine that it would be more beneficial than harmful. Currently Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program already has over 50,000 patients enrolled with over 30,000 of them already in possession of their state registered medical marijuana ID card. To have access to Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program one of the 700+ state registered physicians must decide you need it for one the qualifying conditions. Check the original article for the exact locations that are now selling dry leaf cannabis.

Adding dry leaf to that list comes months after Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine adopted changes recommended from an advisory panel. 

More than 52,000 people in Pennsylvania have registered for the medical marijuana program, with more than 30,000 having received their identification cards to be able to visit dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana. More than 700 physicians have been approved as practitioners.