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New Haven overdoses highlight K2 synthetic marijuana dangers

Published on Aug 31, 2018

A harmful legal product has been floating around the U.S. for awhile now being sold as "K2" or "synthetic marijuana", but there is a growing number of people exeriencing severe side effects and overdosing on K2 creating major concern. K2 products are in no way associated with the legal cannabis industry and many are concerned that people think it is safe to consume K2 because it is legal, but the product itself is not actually sold for human consumption due to it's ever-changing list of toxic chemicals and being listed under "incense, herbal mixtures, or potpourri". In a review of the synthetic substance researchers determined that K2 "produces a variety of dangerous acute and chronic adverse effects..." much worse and more frequent than that of natural cannabis .

At least 71 people have overdosed from synthetic marijuana in Connecticut, authorities reported Wednesday. The majority of these overdoses happened on the New Haven Green -- a downtown park near Yale University -- throughout the day, according to officials.

Synthetic marijuana compounds "produce a variety of dangerous acute and chronic adverse effects… with a greater severity and frequency than observed following marijuana use," the researchers wrote in the review. As such, "K2/Spice products are clearly not safe marijuana alternatives," the researchers said.


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