UN Launches First-Ever Full Review Of Marijuana’s Status Under International Law

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Published on 8/8/18

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Earlier this year the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that CBD as a sole compound does not warrant being controlled under global agreements. Now that CBD is commonly used in many countries around the world for many different illnesses, it brings light to the issue that it is still categorized alongside full plant marijuana and every other illicit substance it has no business being associated with. Though whole plant marijuana has different effects than CBD only medication, the WHO decided that there is, "sufficient evidence to proceed to a Critical Review".  This review on the cannabis plant will be conducted in November by the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence and focus on the chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, epidemiology and therapeutic use of the plant. If the review changes the WHO's status of cannabis then it will mean the U.S. will also be forced to review it's status in the Controlled Substances Act.  

“Cannabis placement in the treaty was done in the absence of scientific evaluation and has provided the basis for a moral campaign against drugs by the USA for many decades. Since our work on medical access to cannabis has been based upon scientific inquiry we know that any rational assessment of the evidence leads the observer to understand cannabis indeed has proven medicinal value and, compared to other medicines, has profoundly fewer negative side effects.”