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Brooklyn DA to throw out hundreds of marijuana convictions

News Posted Dec 16 2018

Following up from the September announcement of the "Begin Again" initiative, the top prosector in Brooklyn, New York will be dismissing hundreds of marijuana convictions for offenders of low level crimes. This week Brooklyn's DA Eric Gonzalez will meet in court to discuss dropping outstanding warrants and similar small time cannabis crimes. Similar to several other thriving cities like San Francisco and Seattle where cannabis has been legalized, officials believe the time is passed due that previous offendors get proper resolutions far after the law is changed that initially got them a record that can be harmful for loans, schooling, jobs, housing and more. The Brookyln DA hopes to continue this program and reach about 20,000 potential cases to be cleared.'

“To fail to address these past convictions would be hypocritical and it would be to turn a blind eye on all the harm caused by marijuana enforcement in prior years,” Gonzalez said, according to ABC7.

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